Shinobi Systems

Shinobi Systems is a high quality, performant, and reliable validator, trusted by thousands of Solana stake holders. We strive to provide the best possible operations to keep the Solana block chain strong. We charge a low, sustainable 2% commission, one of the lowest commissions of all Solana validators.

Unlike other validators, we don't divide our attention between Solana and a dozen other blockchains. We are 100% focused on Solana as the network of the future and will not compromise our focus by running other services.

To help you better understand how the Solana block chain works and how Proof of History makes it the most performant Proof of Stake block chain, we have written The Shinobi Systems Proof of Stake + Proof of History Primer.

And to help you better evaluate Solana validator operations, we present the Solana Validator crash timeline.

Shinobi Systems has top reliability and best performance because we use quality hardware in a high performance data center.

We also have a spare server in a separate location ready to go at a moment's notice so that there is no chance of extended downtime even in the event of catastrophic failure at the data center.

We recommend that you spread your stake across several validators in order to best secure your returns and also to strengthen the Solana network. We hope you will choose Shinobi Systems for a portion of your staking needs.
To help you make the best staking decisions, we are pleased to have created This site lists validators by performance. Please keep in mind that the best performers are not guaranteed to remain the best performers, so spread your stake well.

Staking with Shinobi
Shinobi Systems Validator Vote Account is:

Three convenient methods for staking with us:

Via by pressing the "STAKE" button on

Directly via


Using Phantom wallet

The Shinobi Systems validator is locked in a cage in an undisclosed location. All UDP and TCP ports are inaccessible except the required range. It can only be accessed remotely via a secure bastion system protected by real time alerts.

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